9 Miles


A piece of land that couldn't be shared by many nations.
Host of the most important civilizations.
Witness of the changing eras.
Where the continents meet. Capital of diversity.

During last decade of Turkey with its conservative government, contrast between modern Turks who has a western lifestyle and religious Turks who live towards Islamic rules increased and it's more visible than ever. 
Those different layers of Turkish society are now like oil and water. They come across in many different areas of daily life but they are trying to stay away, avoid each other as much as they can. The unrest between those layers of society started to cause conflicts and struggles in the country. Modern western life and Islamic conservative life began to grudge to each other.
Istanbul is the best city where you can observe this unrest. With its 13 million population from all different social and ethnic groups, Istanbul is a projection of Turkey itself. 

In this photography project you will see how things and life styles change in 9 miles of Istanbul. We will start our journey from old Istanbul area, inside the borders of old Ottoman Empire. Then we will move to the relatively new settlements of the city and observe sharp and sudden life style changing in few miles.
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