Gypsy Town

This is a story of a small gypsy village. About an hour away from my hometown Izmir. Locals of this village came to Turkey around 1930s from Bulgaria and you can clearly see that they are still living in 1930s conditions. Population is around couple of hundreds and most of them are sorting raw cotton plants for living. Average income for sorting 1kg of cotton is about 20 cents and if you imagine the size of 1kg raw cotton, you can easily understand how low their income is.

These people are also used by their local authorities. When I talked with influential leaders of this village, they said national government sends 50 US dollars per housing in every 3 months for basic care but the headman of this area is taking half of that money and forcing them to sign a paper which says they got the full amount.

Living conditions of people who lives in that village don't have any difference than any poor African town. Majority of housings are made of clay filled rush and cover with nylon.

The main thing which affects me is the situation of children. Weather was around 5-10C degree when I visited this town but almost %90 of children didn't have any proper shoes, boots or coats. Most of them had open slippers and just a wool sweater on.

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